Coach-Mentors helps professionals such as Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers

Clinicians know the real challenge of therapy is not the therapeutic session itself, but the implementation of recommended strategies once the client leaves the office. More than ever before therapists are wondering how they can better support their clients outside of the clinical office setting.

We not only help clients who are in therapy but we help professionals delivering counseling and therapeutic services.


By supporting the goals and objectives of the counseling professional in the community - in the very place your clients are suggested to follow through with plans outside the clinical office setting!

DBT/Mindfulness practices, relapse prevention plans, communication methods, diagnosis recommendations, treatment strategies, even medication monitoring. While not a complete list, our helpful community-based interventions can assist the client with pretty much any real life recommendation therapist may be identifying.

As an added benefit, and when everyone agrees, our Coach-Mentors can circle back and connect with the treating clinician to discuss progress and identify obstacles the client experiences in real life, which can help focus the therapeutic discussion.

These mini case conferences or Connections as we like to call them can be scheduled regularly or casually implemented whenever all parties feel ready to do so.