Will it Work for Me?

If you have been frustrated with the lack of progress you are making in therapy, or don’t understand the point of therapy, then Coach-Mentors will work for you.
If you feel good about therapy while in session, but then have a hard time making the connection and application to your every day life, Coach-Mentors will work for you.
If there are things in your life you wish you could accomplish, but talk therapy alone has not helped you, Coach-Mentors will help you.

Why it Works

It works because we help you – you don’t have to do it on your own.
Coach-Mentors helps clients put into practice the goals they are working on in therapy by providing practical assistance in everyday life between therapy sessions.
Coach-Mentors provides a caring, helping hand, and practical and experienced assistance to help you make the changes in real life that are part of your on-going work in therapy.
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However, if you feel that even ONE of these questions does apply to you, chances are Coach-Mentors will work for you!
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