Coach Mentors - affecting lives in a positive way...

Coach-Mentors is exactly what I was looking for.
Parent of teen, NJ

For years, we have never been able to find anyone to get through to him, but somehow you are.
Parent of young adult - NY

Our Coach-Mentor is a kid glove for our son.  He is a perfect cross of a therapist, wise big brother and a buddy! .
Parent of teen - NJ

The Coach-Mentor and our son have been playing tennis or grabbing a bite to eat. It has been nice for our son to have some plans on the weekend.
Parent of young adult - MD

Our son really enjoys getting together with the Coach-Mentor. The CM has also brought a colleague from the therapy center to a couple of their tennis outings and our son has enjoyed that. Our son thinks the Coach-Mentor is really nice which is important. I think it’s important to establish a good relationship and that seems to be working.
Parent of young adult - MD

The initial meeting went very well and it appeared that our son had positive feelings towards the Coach-Mentor as well. We covered a lot of ground and she was generous with her time. She shared her own life experiences when appropriate to conversation which I thought was effective with my (adult) child. She seems very sensitive to the challenges his new job will bring and since he started today that is very reassuring to us. All in all, I was pleased and feel good about the choice.
Parent of young adult - FL

The Coach-Mentor has been so wonderful. Our son is calling us independently of her and seems much more self-assured. He has a job interview for a management position. I can't imagine what we would have done without her!
Parent, FL

The Coach-Mentor doesn’t take two steps in the door before he says “Alright! Let’s get to work!” .He goes right into action, and that’s kinda cool. My son has developed a comfort level so quickly, which is something that is really difficult for him.
Parent, GA

Coach Mentors is unique because it allows the existing treating professionals to see their plans put into action without competition from another clinician.
Educational Consultant

We are all very appreciative for the work that you have been able to do with our young adult son and we have seen great progress over the past few months as he has become more consistent and engaged in the program. We think that our son has been able to receive terrific assistance from his Coach-Mentor as he continues to work towards accomplishing his goals. He has been able to be consistent coming in for his sessions each week as well as filling his medications on time which prior to meeting with his Coach-Mentor was an area in which he could struggle at times. He has even been coming around the villa during the week just to spend time around others and join for some meals.
Parent, FL

I would absolutely support sharing your services with my colleagues. Your Coach-Mentor has been a great help for our client and when we have been in contact she has been very thorough in their progress together.
Treatment Center Psychotherapist