The goal of Coach-Mentors is to provide clients with real world success, connecting the important work in therapy with everyday life.

Coach-Mentors helps you with the things that you struggle with.  It is practical, relevant and personal.  Combining Coach-Mentors with regular therapy gives you the best chance at accomplishing goals.

Coach-Mentors will meet you in the community at a time and place that is convenient. Day time, evenings, weekends. It could be after school, before or after work or whenever fits. Meetings can take place at home, in a coffee shop, park or while engaging in a healthy fun activity. Meetings occurs in environments that lends itself to natural conversation – a place that’s comfortable for you and practical for the goals that have been identified.

Achieving success.

The following are just a sampling of the ways we can help you achieve success in every day life organized in the following categories: work, school, health, daily living, emotional well-being and recovery.  How we help you is up to you and connected to the goals you are working on in therapy.


  • Job search support
  • Completing applications and a resume
  • Job coaching
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Organizational skills


  • Getting homework done
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Staying safe on-line
  • Making friends/participating in healthy activities
  • Where am I going – finding purpose and direction


  • Establishing a consistent, healthy routine
  • Losing weight
  • Planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals
  • Implementing yoga, meditation and/or exercise
  • Stop smoking

Daily Living,

  • Establishing a consistent, healthy routine
  • Planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals
  • Finding a place to live – establishing independence
  • Getting to the gym or other positive activities
  • Help managing finances and staying on a budget


  • Safe, positive ways of meeting new people
  • Managing conflict and anger
  • Developing healthy boundaries
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Getting along better with family members, roommates, etc

Emotional Well-being

  • Support getting out of the house, meeting new people, or into desired activities
  • Managing anger/conflict
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Making better decisions
  • Managing your depression or anxiety in real life situations in real time


  • Identifying and avoiding triggers
  • Staying clean and sober
  • Going to meetings
  • Finding/asking a sponsor
  • Sober companion

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